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Bowflex has been a respected company since 1986. They have been developing exercise equipment to be used in our homes. They aimed for inexpensive, compact equipment that everyone can use.

No gym memberships! No wasting time traveling to and from the gym! No one judging each other, Its just you, your workout and your goals!

Bowflex has dedicated over 30 years developing home gyms that are designed to give you a more effective way to get faster results with less time involved on your behalf. A smarter way to workout!

Bowflex has everyone from fitness experts to beginners working together to develop products that will work for everybody’s needs. if you are someone that just needs a little tone up or someone that needs a life change to lose 100 plus pounds, Bowflex has something for you.

Gym equipment that are compact to fit into your home. Equipment is designed to give you the most effective workout – smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Bowflex understands that time is a one main reason why people don’t work out. They are working to make your workout the best in the shortest time possible. You have other things to do in a day then spending hours in a gym.

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