Summer is Among Us

I do this every summer… I wait until it’s here and time to go get that bathing suit on. Then I want to kick myself in the rear end. I’ve gained those extra pounds over the winter. I let myself go. AGAIN! I should have learned by now. Why do we wait until summer until we realize we need to lose a few extra pounds? Why do we keep procrastinating to get into shape? We know summer comes every year. We know not every once has that perfect body. Most of us have to work at it.

Working on losing those extra pounds. Working on keeping up with our diets. Working on being fit. Sometimes I think it’s just way too much work. I don’t have the time to work out in the gym for hours every day. I have so much other things to do then to do that.

I found the Max Trainer from Bowflex. It only takes 14 minutes of our day. I can do 14 minutes. Much better then hours at the gym, not including the trip to the gym and back. I don’t have time for that.

Now that Summer is among us! Getting ready for that vacation at the beach? Do you want to feel confident to wear that bathing suit? Yes? Still feeling like you need to lose a few extra pounds you put on through the winter? Yes?

Maybe next summer! I bet we all say that. Not me. I’m saying … It WILL BE next summer. I have my Max Trainer. And I’m working on next summer NOW! I have more then a few extra pounds to lose. And it’s time to get back into shape again. By next summer… Keeping my fingers crossed!

Max Trainer is an easy way to work off those winter pounds to feel more confident in that bikini.. Just 14 minutes a day will help tone those legs, back end, and  the stomach area. Walk out on that beach with confidence.

Come Join me in my journey to get that bathing suit figure for next year…Check out what Bowflex can help you with HERE



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