About Me

Hello, I’m Brenda.

I have spent my life working on my weight. I’ve been up and down like a roller coaster. I lose the weight, get firm and toned and training for a 5K. Then I pull my knee out. And after months of getting this problem fixed, I start my training back again. Having to start all over again, its so heartbreaking. After spending some time with my trainings again… getting fit is coming along smoothly. And all of a sudden, I get sick. Cutting my abs open, destroying my stomach muscles, was very sad time for me. I have almost given up hope. Trying to get my motivation back up, I reach for my weight. Stupid me…. I try to see if I can still lift the same amount of weight I was use to, knowing it was something I preach to friends of mine not to do. I end up pulling my shoulder out. And not long after that I bruised my Akeilis Heel. It seemed like everything is against me. But not giving up hope. Still working on it today, I may not be able to run that 5K that I’ve been dreaming of, but I’m not giving up. It a long hard road, with every day, I’m alittle closer.