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Name: Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review

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There is a choice between the M3, M5, and the M7 models in the max trainer. After reviewing all three, I decided to go with the M5. Why? M7 has great features. But I don’t need all that when it comes to my workout. I wanted something a little more basic. M3 is pretty well basic. But the features on M5 was more suitable for me. You can see the feature on all below:

Feature Compare-
Resistance level.

M3 – 8

M5 – 16

M7 – 20

Workout programs.

M3 – Max 14 minute Interval. Manual

M5 – Max 14 minute interval, power interval, calorie goal. Steady pace, fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual, fitness test

M7 – Max 7 minute interval, max 14 minute interval, max 21 minute interval, power interval, calorie goal, steady pace, fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual, fitness test

Heart Rate Monitor.

Just 14 Minutes A Day

M3 – Includes chest strap

M5 – Integrated contact grips and chest strap

M7 – Integrated contact grips and chest strap

Bluetooth (free app syncs)..

M3 – not available

M5 – Tack calories burned, heart rate, and with the bowflex Max Trainer 2 app. you could win awards and achievements as you hit personal records. My Fitness Pal, Google Fit and Bowflex Connect.

M7 – Tack calories burned, heart rate. And with the bowflex Max Trainer 2 app. you could win awards and achievements as you hit personal records. My Fitness Pal, Google Fit and Bowflex Connect.

Free workouts.

M3 – M5 – and M7 – Free 8 week daily burn trial program

Full body workout.

M3 – M5 – and M7 – 80% more upper body activation. More core and lower body engaged than elliptical. 2X easier on joints.

After burn effect.

M3 – M5 -and M7 – YES

Water bottle holder.

M3 – M5 – and M7 – YES

Media shelf-tablet holder.

M3 – M5 -and M7 – YES

Interactive back lit display.

M3 – NO : M5 – M7 – YES

Number of users profiles.

M3 – and M5 – 2 users : M7 – 4 users

Premium grips.

M3 – standard

M5 – Upgraded Ergonomic Grips

M7 – Commercial Grade and Aero Bar


M3 – standard

M5 – Upgraded

M7 – Sport Performance



M3 – 46.1″L x 25″W x 62.9″H

M5 – 46.1″L x 25″W x 62.9″H

M7 – 49″L x 30.5″W x 65.5″H

Power Source.

All three includes an AC Adapter


M3 – 1 year

M5 – 2 years

M7 – 3 years

My M 5

When my M5 first arrived

Yes, It was heavy. The total assembled weight is 143 pounds. I do recommend two people when assembling. The instructions are simple to follow. The images provide clear information to understand. It taken us about an hour and a half to completely assemble it. But once done, It didn’t feel like work at all to put together.

The space it takes isn’t bad at all. I have my sitting in a spare room. My M5 dimensions are 46″L X 25″ W X 62.9″ H. It doesn’t take up much room at all.

I like the fact that it comes with integrated transport rollers. Easy to move around when cleaning or even if you just want to change the position where it sits.

It does have a strong and sturdy structure. I do feel safe while using the Max Trainer.

Features on my M5

It comes with a heart-rate monitor and chest strap. I like this cause it keeps track of my heart beat. I can see on the screen the display as I’m working out. The back light on the monitoring control screen makes it easier to see.

One of my favorite is the water bottle holder. This comes in handy. I like to drink a lot of water while working out.

My M5 comes with 16 resistance levels. I haven’t used all of them yet. But as I advance, these will be great to have. It also comes with 9 pre-programmed workouts. This too I haven’t use all yet. I have tried a few programs out. It’s nice to change up a little here and there so the work out don’t get boring. My M5 also comes with 8 work out programs. I have tried a couple and it does help with changing things up so my workout does feel like it’s the same old thing.

The M5 has a low-impact motion. This is great. I have some issues with my knee from my running years. With the low-impact, It’s not hard on my knee at all. I have noticed the strength building up more in my knees and legs since started using the Max Trainer.

The M5 comes with a computer in the monitor that Syncs with a Free Max Trainer App. This tracks your calories burned and heart rate. You can set goals and track your achievements. Once you hit your personal goal, you can set another goal to better your work out.

The Max Trainer comes with 2 apps. that syncs MyFitnessPal with Google Fit and Bowflex Connect. I, personally, haven’t used this. It’s there if I want to start. I just haven’t felt like it would be something I would like.

Great Work Out

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is considered the best-seller between M3, M5 and M7. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I decided on the M5. You get a great work out along with low impact.

14 minutes a day is all you need for a great work out. This is much better than spending hours in a gym. Who has all that time to work out? I find that the shorter the work out the better I can keep up the routine.

My Cons

The video you see on television or on the site does make it look easy. When I first tried out my M5, I couldn’t do the whole 14 minutes. With time, I had to build up the time. I was out of shape, and this is the reason why I couldn’t go the whole 14 minutes.

As I kept using the M5, my time went up. The stronger I felt. The more minutes I was able to work out. It does take time to build up to 14 minutes. Don’t over do it at first. With any new work out, your body does have to get use to it. Once your body get use to it, you can change the resistance levels. This will keep your body gaining more tone and muscle. You will see the inches melt away and definition in your legs and arms.

You burn more calories faster with the Max Trainer cause you are working your legs along with your arms. Your whole body. Many work out machines only work the legs, or just the arms. The Max Trainer works both at the same time. This is why you get a faster workout which burns 2.5 times more than other machines.

Why waste time working your legs and then work your arms. And after that, you work your stomach and back. And don’t forget your back end. Work them all at the same time. The best part is, you don’t need many machines to work each part of your body. You can do it all with only one machine – The Bowflex Max Trainer M5. This is Maxing Your Work Out

2 Year Warranty!

The Max Trainer M5 does come with a 2-year warranty. Bowflex does stand behind their equipment.









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