Eating Right

Getting Fit and Staying Fit is a group afford. Exercising is a wonderful way to get fit. But if you aren’t eating right in the process, it will  be a long journey to getting fit and Staying Fit. What you put into your body is the fuel your body uses to keep you going.

There are so many health gurus out there now-a-days. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. Eat this and that. This isn’t good for you, and that’s the best thing to eat. Not to mention all the fat free, sugar free, health foods out there that claim to be healthy for you. And lets not forget all the names they have for sugar. You have to be a genius to know what’s what. Is Organic the way to go? Do we stay away from sugar, salt, fat, cholesterol or gluten?And the diet plans are all contradicting the other. No wonder no one knows which way to go. What does “eating right” really mean.

fruit tray Ask any one and they will agree that fruit is definitely good for you. But with the natural sugars in fruit, diabetes need to be careful WHEN to eat fruit. But let along, it is good for the body. They are packed full of nutrition and vitamins the body needs. Not only good for you, but taste good too.


Stay Hydrated

With a good work out, your body will lose a lot of water. So, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking water to replenish what you lose during workout can keep you healthy. All your body organs need water to help them function properly

Ways to know you are dehydrated:    Wasserglas / Glass of water

  1. you feel tired and fatigued
  2. you feel lightheaded or dizzy
  3. you get muscle cramps or spasms
  4. you have heart palpitations
  5. your skin lacks elasticity
  6. constipation
  7. urine will be a dark yellow
  8. mouth will be dry
  9. our tongue will be swollen
  10. your eyes won’t tear

Know your body, it will tell you!

Not Just Water

When people hear ‘ stay hydrated’, they usually think water. Staying hydrated can also mean eating the right kinds of food. There’s many fruits and vegetables that contain a high amount of water. By eating these fruits and vegetables, you can receive the water intake you need to help you stay hydrated.

Some foods include:

  • Cucumbers – these contain the highest water content – 96.7
  • Green Peppers – 93.9%
  • Radish – 95.3%
  • Celery – 95.4%
  • Spinach – 91.4%
  • Cauliflower – 92.1%
  • Watermelon – 91.5%
  • Strawberries – 91.0%
  • Broccoli – 90.7%
  • Cantaloupe – 90.2%
  • Baby Carrots – 90.4%

So, the next time someone tells you to drink your water, just remember , you can also eat your water too!



While working out your body is using a very important nutrition. Protein is good for building those muscles that you use during a work out. Protein makes up 75% of our bodies, so it is very important to have this in our diet. It helps repair our muscles to help us stay strong. Diets high in Protein also helps us to lose weight.


Good Source of Protein:

  1. Nutalmond-1328573-640x480
  2. Fish
  3. Meats
  4. Vegetables, such as, bananas, carrots, broccoli and potatoes
  5. Eggs
  6. Cheese (Milk)
  7. Seeds
  8. Whole Meal Breads

It is easier now then ever to get your intake of protein. Many styles of snack bars have added protein. There are also Powders and Shakes on the market now Which are high in Protein. Garden of Life Raw Protein is a good source of Protein shakes Garden of Life Raw Protein and Greens Vanilla 19.7 oz (557g) Powder


Chocolate Milk? 

Yes! It is a very powerful post workout snack. It is more effective than supplements and less expensive too. Just one cup of chocolate milk after a work out has key nutrients to help rebuild your muscles. It contains several B-complex vitamins, which helps your body convert food into energy. Chocolate milk is a great supplier of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D, which is great for healthy bones. Let alone its low in saturated fat and cholesterol.


Eating right along with exercising will help you achieve the body you dream of and help you to maintain your fit and healthy body. Eating Right is only half the battle… But you don’t have to spend hours in a gym for your exercise. 14 minutes a day is all you need.

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