Getting fit in the Fall

Fall is among us

With fall now here, so is the cooler weather, hoodies and the preparation of winter. But don’t give up on staying healthy through this cooler months. Don’t wait til spring to get that bathing suit figure. That it from me, it takes more than just a month of two to lose those inches and firming up for the summer months.

Fall is a great time to start those exercise routines. It takes 30 days to start a good routine with anything. Once you have set a good routine, it will be easier to keep up with your routine. With less to do outside, and more people starting to spend time inside, why not start your fitness routine in the fall? With summer being 8 months away, just imagine how many inches you can lose in that amount of time. Don’t wait until you only have just a few months to drop all those inches. Losing weight and getting fit does take time. We don’t have that miracle pill yet to get slim overnight.

With Bowflex Max Trainer, your training routine for that bathing suit body will come much easier. Bowflex has put many hours into making the Max Trainer a great workout tool for you. The Max Trainer is designed for low impact on your joints. It is also designed to give you the maximum burn on those stubborn pounds and inches that does want to budge.                

Why Fall is Great

Fall seems to be a great time to start your fitness routine. With the summer months, many of us love to spend time outside, enjoying the warm weather. There are many things to do in those warm summer months. Spring time is the time of cleaning out the home from the winter. Making thing fresh again. Winter is the time when we close ourselves up indoors to keep warm. Winter months are also when many people prepare for the holiday times. And this can be a stressful time with much to do.

But the Fall, things are slowing down. People are preparing themselves for the winter months. It is also a great time to start those habits, good habits, or getting fit and healthy. Many people gain the weight in those winter months. With starting that fitness routine now, you can beat those extra pounds we will be gaining this winter. Don’t wait until spring time to rush to lose those extra pounds. Get that routine, that habit, a good jump start.

I, myself, has learned the hard way that those pounds and inches takes more then just a couple months to come off. I am starting my routine now. So, when those winter months pass by, I’ll have that jump start on my spring. 8 months until summer, that seems so far away. It will be here before we know it.

Bowflex has come out with a FALL SALE. That’s wonderful !!  By taking advantage of this great Fall Sale, you can get fit for less.

Bowflex has many ways to help you reach your goal. With “Fit Tip Thursday”, Health and Fitness Tips, Training Videos, Recipes, and much more.

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Wait until Spring

If you only have a few pounds to lose, waiting until Spring will probably be alright. But if you have more then just a few pounds, like me, why are you going to wait until spring to try to lose those pounds? I am going to get a jump start on mine right now. So, when spring comes along, I’ll already have done all the work and just enjoying the results.

Join me in the Fall challenge, Share your story with me. In the comments, tell me how much you are going to lose though this fall and winter. And when spring comes along, give me a shout out to how you did.




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