Motivation Is Key

Motivation is the key to achievement. Why do we stop working out? Lack of motivation. That is the number one reason why everyone stops working out.

We all have 24 hours in a day. What we do with it is all up to us. Setting our priorities is how we achieve what we need to do. What are the most important things we need to get done today? How are we wasting our time? Are we being as productive as we should be? Some questions we need to ask ourselves at time.

Some ways we are wasting our own time:

  • Watching too much television (that’s number1 )
  • Facebook or any other social media (that’s a close number 2)
  • Spending too much time on the phone (usually gossiping)
  • Sleeping (some of us don’t need to sleep 10 to 12 hours a night)
  • Spending too much time shopping (I know a few people that spends hours in a store just looking around)
  • Anything that’s not too important

Once we figure out what’s important and what’s not, than we can delete some things that are wasting our time.

Motivation can lead to what’s important in our lives. If we are excited about doing something, we move it to the top of the list of things to do.

How can we keep our motivation up? How can we find our motivation?

Just 14 Minutes A Day

Pep Talk

Giving ourselves a pep talk works better than you think. Standing in front of a mirror and tell yourself you are going to do it. Talking to the person in the mirror and call that person by name. Talk to them as if you are giving them the pep talk. And wanting to lose weight, here’s a good way to give that pep talk; Do it naked! When you see those extra pounds you want to lose, this should be enough motivation Tell that person in the mirror that they no longer want that fat. Tell them to get their butts in gear and go work it off. This personally helped me. Stand in front of a mirror naked after a shower. Just stand there and look. Give yourself your pep talk than.

If you are no good at giving your self the pep talk, ask a close friend to do it for you. Finding someone close to you that can motivate you is wonderful. Someone that can check up on you often to give you that pep talk. It can be done over a short phone call, a text message, or better yet, coming over and working out with you.


Partner in Crime

Finding someone with the same goals is great to have around. Set up a time of day that is good for both of you. Take turns meeting at each others home, going to the gym, or just grabbing them up when you want to take a walk. Instead of talking on the phone back and forth, go for a walk together. You can do your talking than. This will also keep your mind off of walking. It won’t feel like a work out than.


Screen savers

Pretty much everyone has a computer or cell phone nowadays. Make your screen saver a motivation quote. Every time you turn on your computer or phone, it will be there for you to see. Make it a quote that you can relate to, something that catches your attention.

Put a little post it notes on the refrigerator or mirror that has a motivational quote on it. Something to remind you what your goal is.


Display your dream outfit

Want to get into this outfit that’s too small? Place it where you can see it. Make a goal to get into this outfit by a certain time. Place it where you can see it when you get up in the morning, or make it the first outfit you see when opening your closet. Want to get into that bikini next summer? Place it on the inside of your closet door. When you open your closet, you will see it. This will remind you of your goal.

Promise yourself or a friend that you are going to wear this next summer. And give a date. And you are going to wear it whether you lose the weight or not. This is a good way to get you going. Cause do you really want to wear it IF you don’t lose the weight? Maybe you have a wedding to go to or a party in a few months, Make it a point that you are wearing this outfit there. But be realistic. If you are a size 20 and you pick an outfit to wear next month, make it a size or two smaller. Don’t try to get into a size 4.



Little rewards for the little things you achieve. Set your rewards to your accomplishments.

  • You worked out today – a pat on the back.
  • You worked out all week – take that extra long bubble bath.
  • You worked out all month without missing a day – Buy yourself a little something you had your eye on. Just something little. Don’t break your piggy bank.
  • You lost 10 pounds – reward yourself with a little treat. Again, just a little. Don’t eat the whole cake and put those 10 pounds back on.
  • You lost 20 pounds – reward yourself with a nice healthy dinner out. Yes, I said HEALTHY!

The bigger the accomplishments, the bigger the reward.



Reading articles on success stories. When you read about others with the same goals and problems and how they overcame them, it gives you motivation. Their stories tell you, if they can do it, you can too.

Reading motivational quotes though out the day. This is like giving yourself pep talks. Pick out a few good ones and keep them in mind. Keep telling yourself this quotes though the day.


Setting Priorities

Go through your life, your day, and take notes on what you do through the day. Look at all you do that isn’t prosperous. Do you spend too much time on things that are just a waste of time? What is important in your life? What are the things you NEED to do and what are the things that you can do away with.


The Mind Set

The way you look at things can improve your priorities. If you always looked at working out as a chore or a punishment, than setting your motivation on doing this will be hard. Start setting your thoughts on working out as something that will improve your life. Something that will get you to a goal that will make you feel good about yourself. Don’t make it something you dread to do. Make it into something that will make you happy. All you have to do is get over the hard part and things will go smoother.

It’s like climbing the mountain. Everyone hates the work on climbing. But once we get to the top and see all the beauty, it makes the climb not as hard. Knowing what lies at the end should be the goal you keep your eye on. Don’t look at all the hard work that will get you there. Keep your goal in sight. Not the path itself.

There are many ways to keep your motivation up. The ways to build by motivation is different than yours. The reasons why may be different. One may want to lose weight for health reasons. And the other person may want to lose the weight just to look good and feel better.

Leave a comment below on what motivates you. This might help the next person to get motivated. Share your goals.










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