My Personal Experience



First time trying it out…

Heck, I have to admit, I couldn’t even do ten repetitions, let alone for 14 minutes. I felt it in my legs. I knew I was getting out of shape, but that was ridiculous.

After getting on the max trainer pretty much every day and sometimes more then once a day, I’m glad to say that I am making progress. I started adding more repetitions every day. Going slow, I am now at over 200 repetitions and over 3 minutes. Don’t seem like much but from where I started, I think I’m doing good. I push myself just a little every day.

It brings my heart rate up fast. I feel the muscles in my legs working. and now after only a few weeks, I’m noticing the muscles in my legs starting to get stronger. I’m also noticing my waist line slimming down. I’m starting to feel more energy to do my daily routines.

When you first get your max trainer, don’t expect to do 14 minutes first time on, especially if you are a beginner at physical fitness. It will take time and work.

I’ll keep you updates from time to time.


May 2017
Well… received a Max trainer about a month ago. It was a gift from my fiancé. We put it together with ease. I do say, you need two people to put it together. Try not to attempt it on your own.

July 2017
Well, its the middle of July now. And I have to say, I fell off the wagon. That is common when it comes to starting a new thing, and trying to get into a routine. I can kick myself in the back end.
But the thing is, don’t give up! I do admit I did get on my Max Trainer this past couple of months but it wasn’t steady or as much as I should have. Life is full of things to do and its up to our own self to set the priorities. It’s mid summer and I cant fix the nice summer clothes that I worn last year. That’s enough motivation for me. I set out a pair of shorts that I loved to wear. Every time I go into the bedroom and see them laying there, that’s my reminder on why I need to work out today and every day.
I’m ready to get down to business again with setting a steady fitness routine. Wish me luck!

August 2017
Another month. I fell off the wagon on my last update. This month, I did better. I made an account to find a few minutes here and there to work on my routine. Not as much as I would have liked. But better then I have been. And better then none at all.
Motivation is the key to working out. Check out my blog here about motivation.​​​
Starting over on a workout means starting all over. I had to start back on the easiest setting. My workout time was shorter. Now I’m building it back up. I’m feeling it in my legs.
Once you stop working out, you start to lose the muscle you gain. Don’t try to start back up where you left off. You will only be hurting yourself.
I started out again with just a few minutes the first day. Made the attempt to workout, at the least, three times a week. That’s not bad. But it’s better then no times at all in a  week. I’m so proud of myself that just last week I made it five times. There are times when you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things you do. These little things add up to even bigger things.
Don’t give up. If you miss some days, don’t go throwing the towel in and give up. Get right back up again the next day.
See you again next month for another update.

September 2017

This month was another slow going with my Max Trainer Exercise Routine. I had some personal reason that kept me away from home for a couple weeks. The Bowflex Max Trainer isn’t one that you can put into an overnight bag and take with you. When I was home, I did make the time to jump on almost every day. One main advice I can give anyone, Don’t Give Up!! October is another month. And it’s also another month to keep working on my goals.

With not working out everyday, you can’t build up to the 14 minutes. But don’t stop trying. Cause what time you do put into working out is better than not working out at all.