Gepard Award

The Bowflex Max Trainer was nominated for the Gepard Award in 2015.

The Max Trainer was placed into 4 categories: “The Supplier of the Year”, “The Service of the Year”, “The Product of the Year”, and “The Innovation of the Year”. The Max Trainer received over 80 percent of the votes, which made them the winners hands down.

You can read more about this by clicking here: Gepard Award


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Easy Financing

Bowflex has you covered. With Bowflex Credit Card, you can take over 18 months to pay for your Max Trainer. They have a low minimum monthly payments. That’s 18 months to pay without interest. After the 18 months, interest charges will be added to your account, if not paid.

Apply online today. It will only take a few minutes to complete. You can apply now then shop. Or you can apply after you decided which Max Trainer is best for you.

Of course, this is subject to credit approval

click here to apply

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Burn Fat

There many companies out today that promise to burn fat fast, the quickest way to burn fat and lose weight. But is losing weight too fast not good for you? It’s one thing to lose fat, but you should also replace that fat with muscle. You need to reconstruct your body as you go. Toning your body with muscle while losing the fat.

Cardio is a great way to get your heart pumping and working out those muscles. But is it building the muscle as you go. Bowflex Max Trainer works your muscles as it gives you the cardio to burn that fat.

Quick burst of fast motion with a slow period of rest has been proven to be the best way to get the best out of a workout. And the Max Trainer is the one that does just that. That’s why it only takes just 14 minutes a day to get into the best shape ever. And with the afterburn, your body will be in high mode all day long.

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Whats In The Name

With all these companies coming out with new exercise equipment and videos now a days, how do you know which one is the best. Videos telling you to work out for an hour to using their new science approved gadgets. Too many claim they our the best. Bowflex has been around for over 30 years. They have become a well respect company. Everyone has heard their name. They only produce top of the line products, high quality.


Bowflex has put many hours into developing the best, not just for them, but for their customers. Before the equipment goes to market, they have to be approved by the people. People arrange from beginners to experts, sports gurus to stay at home moms.

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Working For You


Bowflex has been a respected company since 1986. They have been developing exercise equipment to be used in our homes. They aimed for inexpensive, compact equipment that everyone can use.

No gym memberships! No wasting time traveling to and from the gym! No one judging each other, Its just you, your workout and your goals!

Bowflex has dedicated over 30 years developing home gyms that are designed to give you a more effective way to get faster results with less time involved on your behalf. A smarter way to workout!

Bowflex has everyone from fitness experts to beginners working together to develop products that will work for everybody’s needs. if you are someone that just needs a little tone up or someone that needs a life change to lose 100 plus pounds, Bowflex has something for you.

Gym equipment that are compact to fit into your home. Equipment is designed to give you the most effective workout – smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Bowflex understands that time is a one main reason why people don’t work out. They are working to make your workout the best in the shortest time possible. You have other things to do in a day then spending hours in a gym.

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Holidays Coming Soon

With the holidays coming up soon, this is a great time to take advantage of Bowflex’s free shipping! That’s a huge discount to start getting yourself into the best shape of your life. Don’t put off until the new year, start now. Get a head start on your fitness plan. A step above the rest!

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January 1st.. new year resolution!! why wait until then. Make January 1st as a marker to be in top shape, or at least on your way there. The holiday season is coming up on us soon… that means… cookies, cakes, large family dinners. Start nipping those extra pounds in the bud now. When everyone else is making that new years resolution to get fit and lose those extra pounds…. you will already be on your way there. Just 14 minutes a day with the Bowflex Max Trainer!

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Zero Impact

total-body-workout-easy-on-joints-max-why1 Lab test showed The MAX gives you up to 80% more core and lower body muscle than an Elliptical. That’s giving you a full body workout!  While running, even on a treadmill, the impact on your body is 2X more than on The MAX. The MAX is more gentle on your joints and body!

‡ Source: Bowflex Max Trainer Independent University Study (2013).

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Going and Going and Going

The Max Trainer gives long after the workout. Your metabolism stays ramped up for hours after the workout is over. Higher metabolism = Higher calorie burn! The small bursts of intense workout and longer periods of rest keeps your body in overload, the science secret to the 14 minute interval workouts. Get amazing results with only a short amount of time.

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Fits Just About Anywhere

Having the room to store exercise equipment is one reason why people don’t exercise. Some are big and bulky. The Bowflex Max Trainer takes up a very small portion of space compared to treadmills and most ellipticals.

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